The #BWSHC18 speaker lineup was brilliant, thanks to each of you! Our rooms were full of many bright minds building great things, ready to share their stories to help you grow. Founders to funders. Community builders, marketers, operators and attorneys. Those building consumer brands and those using technology to grow big, and fast. Speakers from California. Florida. New York. Malaysia. Local leaders. National voices. Experts from everywhere, dropping nuggets for everyone.

Arlan Hamilton 2

Arlan Hamilton
Founder & Managing Partner, Backstage Capital

Rock T

Rocky "Rock-T" Turner
DJ, Radio Personality & Entrepreneur


Jaia Thomas
Sports, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Attorney


Phiderika Foust
Investor & Startup Advisor

RSM Photo_2

Butch Meily
Former VP of Communications, TLC Beatrice International


Jerrell Moore
Professor & Consultant

Jim Casselberry

Jim Casselberry
Chief Investment Officer
Sarowitz Family, LLC


Ben Young
CEO, Sworkit by Nexercise

Andrea Harris (Crop)

Andrea Harris 
Senior Fellow, Self-Help, Co-Founder & President Emerita, Institute of Minority Econ Dev

JaNay Headshot

JaNay Queen Nazaire
Managing Director for Performance & Results, Living Cities


John White
Legislative Director, NC Department of Commerce


Brian Gerrard
CEO & Founder, The Sara Agency



Allan Tomkinson
Enterprise Software Architect, Lincoln Financial Group


Kimberly Williams Moore
VP Marketing & External Relations, NC Mutual Insurance Company

Brandon Terrell

Brandon Terrell
President & CEO, THE


Angelina Darrisaw

Angelina Darrisaw
Trainer, Google Get Your Business Online

DA 2

Dominick Ard'is
Founder & CEO, ACT House


Anna Maria Marich
Director of Comms, Perkins+Will


Carl Webb

Carl Webb
Senior Partner, FortyAM & Partner, Greenfire Development

Baker, Marie-09/04/13-544077

Marie Baker
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


Ariana Farquharson
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, bizqit Company

McKeever-Conwell (1)

McKeever Conwell
Progam Manager, Pre-Seed Fund, TEDCO


Nicole Swiner, MD
Family Physician, Blogger, Author & Speaker

Kelly Brownell

Kelly Brownell
Professor & Director, World Food Policy Center


Brandon Oldham
Program Associate, George Kaiser Family Foundation

Candy Carver June 28 2018

Candy Carver

Angel Dozier

Angel Dozier
Founder, Be Connected & Dope Together

Henry L Greenridge

Henry L. Greenidge
Director of Government & Community Relations, Cruise Automation

Celeste Beatty 2

Celeste Beatty
Founder & Corporate Brewing Officer, Harlem Brewing Company

Chris Mumford

Chris Mumford
Innovator, Education, Healthcare & Technology

Leigh-Ann Buchanan Headshots

Leigh-Ann Buchanan
Executive Director, Venture Cafe Miami

Demetric Duckett

Demetric Duckett
Associate Director, Capital Innovation, Living Cities

Malcolm Anderson 1

Malcolm Anderson, Sr.
COO, Green Heffa Farms

Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne

Gayle Jennings O'Byrne
Founder & CEO, iNTENT Manifesto

Charles Watts

Charles "Chuck" Watts
General Counsel, NC Department of Transportation

Denise Headshot

Denise Woodard
Founder & CEO, Partake Foods

Rebecca Colett

Rebecca Colett
Plant Scientist & Cannabis Advocate

Jamel Lynch

Jamel Lynch
Founder, Harlem Beer Distributing NC


Jide Ehimika
Co-Founder, Strategy & Operations, Noirbnb

Jen Zuckerman

Jen Zuckerman
Director of Strategic Initiatives, World Food Policy Center

jonathan peterson

Jonathan Peterson
Real Estate Associate - Development
Self-Help Ventures Fund


Wilson Lester
Executive Director, Greensboro Community Development Fund

Mary Pryor

Mary Pryor
Founder, Cannaclusive

Jason dunn

Jason Dunn
VP Multicultural Sales & Community Development, Cincinnati USA CVB

Adeleke Akinlolu Omitowoju

Ade Omitowoju
Early-Stage Venture Advisor, Project 500

Mavis Gragg

Mavis Gragg
Professor & Founder, The Gragg Law Firm

Katy Salamati

Katy Salamati
Transportation Subject Matter Expert, SAS

Natalie Cofield

Natalie Madeira Cofield
Founder & CEO, Walker's Legacy

Alison Perry

Alison Perry
Owner, Cute Buttons Gift and Paper Boutique

Sam Cook

Sam Cook
Executive Director of Forest Assets, NC State University

Torre Jessup

Torre Jessup
DMV Commissioner

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Christal M. Jackson
CEO & Founder, Head & Heart Philanthropy and Mosaic Genius


Kharmika Alston
Food System Finance Fellow, World Food Policy Center

Torrence Reed

Torrence Reed
Founder, HBCU Wall Street

Nish Evans

Nish Evans
Founder, Lennox & Grae, Inc.

Rwenshaun Miller (1)

Rwenshaun Miller
Founder, Therapist & Speaker, Eustress, Inc.

Glady Singh

Glady Singh
VP Enterprise Services, PrecisionHawk

Desmond Wiggan, Jr.

Desmond Wiggan, Jr.
COO, BLKTECH Interactive.

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