Black Wall Street Homecoming Success!

‘From Main Street to Tech Suite’ 400 Guests, $100MM Venture Capital, Business Pitch, Community Support’

Thanks again for supporting the Black Wall Street Homecoming inaugural event in downtown Durham N.C. this past Fall 2015. We hope you enjoy the Trailer Video. Black Wall Street Homecoming was a huge success. Over the course of two days — we brought out over 400 Guests, $100 Million in Venture Capital, discussed the Mayvenn Hair deal, careers in venture capital, local startup pitching, and curated new friendships! Watch the Trailer Video!

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The Black Wall Street team is planning events for SXSW 2016 in Austin T.X. as well as Washington D.C. for May 2016. Our team is currently looking for sponsors and collaborators, please email to discuss in more detail.

Please Spread the Word. ‘From Main Street to Tech Suite’

Special Thank You to Our Organizing Team — Jesica Averhart, Tobias Rose, Dee McDougal and Talib Graves-Manns as well our Distinguished Guests (Trevor Thomas, Marlon Nichols, Stefanie Thomas, Zack Mansfield) (Cross Culture VC, Impact America Fund VC, Square 1 Bank, Translation LLC):