Art & Tech Expo

Demo or SHARE your idea, concept or tech-enabled product during this year's Black Wall Street: Homecoming

The application period for this year's art and tech expo has passed. We thank everyone who has applied and we'll be contacting everyone regarding their individual submissions.

Become a Tech Legend

Get Exposure

The VCs at Black Wall Street: Homecoming will be roaming the city looking at what we have to offer. Who knows, a small conversation could lead to a big opportunity! 

Start Conversations

This event is open to the public. That means, you'll be able to capture audiences and feedback.

Make Contacts

We're inviting big brands and startups to play in the same space. Collaboration is always encouraged! 

Hang Out

We're going to do this the only way we know how, for the culture!
The backdrop will be some of the coolest art from our friends from the Black on Black Art exhibition.

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